Environmental Care

We embrace our commitment to be community leaders by implementing and demonstrating environmental sustainability thinking and practice in all aspects of our scarf business.Suggesting every customer to use natural fabrics: silk,wool,cotton,modal,linen and rayon,these materials come from animals, trees or plants that can be replaced, raised and regrown over time.

Natural fabrics are biodegradable and decompose harmlessly once they have reached the end of their useful life or can be readily recycled and reused. Synthetic fabrics like nylon and polyester are made from chemicals using industrial processes which emit more chemical wastes, are typical more energy dependent, emit higher volumes greenhouse gasses, and are far harder to recycle and dispose of.Recently we are developing a new polyester fabric made of recycled plastic bottle, to turn waste into beautiful scarves.

Inks we use do not contain heavy metals or other dangerous and toxic substances. When items end up in the landfill these inks will not damage the earth or cause excessive pollution, besides scarves we make are harmless to skin even children.