Will Silk Pajamas Be More Comfortable to Wear?

97f39884989bb3a2.jpgSilk: silky, soft, good moisture absorption, and the silk fibroin in the silk has excellent biocompatibility with the human body. The ice cup is used in some high-end Huazhong products, so it can protect every inch of us. Skin function, naturally very good to help you sleep. Cotton: It’s also good to wear pajamas depending on the weather. The sweat of hot day silk fabrics is easy to stick to the body. Pure cotton is breathable and will not stick to the skin, but silk fabrics are usually more comfortable to wear. In terms of color and style, silk fabrics have more imitation silk. Plasticity, you can make a variety of different styles of pajamas, pure cotton fabrics rarely make sexy pajamas.


Cotton and silk have their own advantages, depending on personal preference. Cotton pajamas are close to the body, soft to the touch, and have a warm feeling. Silk pajamas are more slippery and suitable for summer wear. If cotton pajamas are the lower lippa, silk pajamas are nobles. The silk is slightly better, it is comfortable to wear, and basically does not sweat, which is great for sleep. It is definitely better for pure cotton. It is summer. Pure cotton is not only good for breathability and suitable for skin breathing, but also more suitable for skin. If you sweat a little, it can be absorbed immediately.


The silk is smooth and comfortable to wear! But it is easy to wrinkle, which affects the appearance. Another one is that it does not absorb sweat. If you sweat, it will easily cause a cold. If I choose, I will choose pure cotton. Because pure cotton absorbs sweat, it is comfortable to wear, breathable, and easy to clean when dirty. Pajamas are made of silk. Or should it be made of pure cotton? I personally think it is good. It is best to choose the right pajamas material according to the season. For example, in spring and winter, pure cotton may be a little more suitable, while in autumn and summer, silk is more comfortable.


Pajamas made of real silk have a softer texture, a silky and cool feel, good heat dissipation, and more heat resistance, so they are only suitable for use in summer, cool and comfortable in summer, but not suitable for fall/winter use. But silk is silk, a pure protein fiber, which is the same as our skin, so in terms of wearing experience, silk should be far better than cotton. If you are not afraid of the trouble of finishing, you can buy silk.