What is a silk scarf?

What is a silk scarf? Silk fabric scarves have a lot of different ways of circumscribing, and different circling methods have different flavors. Detailed explanation of the various methods of silk fabric scarves? How beautiful is a silk scarf?

1. Smart match


1: The silk scarf is tied with a simple flat knot on the neck.

2: Fold the upper layer of silk scarf from bottom to top to seal the pleats on eight sides until it reaches the neck. Temporarily immobilize the middle part with your hands.


3: Put the silk scarf on the lower layer from bottom to top and fix it in place. Make the central and southern layers of the silk scarf on the upper layer entangled tightly by the lower layer.

4: According to this method, coil the layer directly underneath twice, strengthen the structure, free up the same length as in the photo, and comb the edge of the silk scarf on the upper layer.

2. Concise and colorful spiritual essence when entering the workplace

1: Grasp one corner of the long side of the long scarf, and fold one side into eight-side sealing pleats.

2: Tie a knot on the upper part of the eight-side seal pleats.

3: Put the knotted side on the shoulder side.

4: After wrapping the other side around the neck, put a corner of the remaining silk scarf into the knot and drag it out. The comb is intact.

3. The elegance of international business venues

silk scarf

1: Tie the silk scarf on the neck, and of course both sides will slide directly under the neck.

2: Tie the silk scarf with a slip knot on the neck.

3: Align both ends of the silk scarf and pinch it tightly.


4: Tuck the twisted sides into the knot just below the neck, and put it out.

5: When combing, pay attention to the same length on both sides, and make sure that the middle part should be bulky.