What Kind of Scarf Looks Best?

1. Silk scarf

This kind of square scarf woven with real silk and mulberry silk, although small in size, can have many designs and colors. In recent years, with the continuous improvement of silk printing and dyeing technology in my country, the color patterns of silk products have also been greatly enriched. Showy, elegant, everything. From classical traditional patterns, concrete plant and flower patterns, to modern, abstract geometric patterns can be seen on the market. The small square feels smooth, has a fine texture, and has a shiny feel. It can be matched with all kinds of clothing. There are several small squares of different colors and styles, which are matched with casual wear and professional wear respectively, and the effect is excellent. This small square is suitable for women of all ages. Some of the silk scarves are printed on one side. After wearing them, please pay attention to folding them diagonally and try not to expose the reverse side. With a small square scarf, you can tie bow knots and scarf knots. There are various methods and you can choose freely.

silk scarf2. Long scarf

It is woven with very fine yarn, thin and transparent, with a strong drape. The two sides of the rectangular gauze scarf are equipped with silk light for fringing, which is both chic and fashionable. Because the yarn is very hygroscopic, designers use the effect of blending on the patterns, just like the hazy flowers and ink landscapes in Chinese paintings, which are delicate and soft. Generally, the same color is used for matching and rendering, so that the pattern and the background color are harmonious and unified in the same tone; there are no complicated patterns on the scarf, but a simple and soft color, which looks very elegant and beautiful. Such as water pink, cream yellow, ivory white, water blue, light lotus root and so on. It is suitable for young women aged 20-35 to wear, making it more delicate, quiet and elegant. This scarf is longer and can be placed on the chest or behind the neck, dancing with the autumn breeze.

women's silk scarf

3. Lirong cut scarf

It is similar in size and shape to the second type of scarf, with thick and dense silk fringes on both sides. The biggest feature is the novel fabric and the production process is different from the first two. It is woven by combining cotton lint and chemical fiber, and then the unnecessary lint is corroded by dyeing and weaving chemicals at high temperature, revealing the background color and the well-preserved pattern, with strong undulating effect and soft hand feeling. In terms of colors, most of them are dark brown, blue-gray, earth red, and black. The flower patterns are mostly traditional Chinese flower patterns, which are composed of flowers, leaves, branches, and vines, which are interlaced and connected, which are vivid and full of vitality. It is suitable for middle-aged and mature women to wear, and will set them off more graceful, noble, and more intimate.

silk scarves

So, with so many different scarves, how to match them to have the best effect? Here are a few methods for you, you may wish to give it a try.

If you have a moderate body, fair complexion, and a slender neck, then you are suitable to wear colorful scarves, such as peach, lake blue, bright yellow, rose red, etc. In the pattern, you can choose large flowers, large grids, scattered dots, or a combination of abstract color blocks. This will make you look more energetic, wise, and capable.

Some people are slightly plump and have a short neck, so pay attention to wearing scarves. When wearing a collarless sweater, wearing a soft-toned, small floral-shaped scarf will suit her; when wearing a high-necked sweater, don’t wear a small square scarf, but with a long veil that hangs down to the chest. good. Don't choose too bright colors, but choose low-purity purple, deep blue, dark green, brown and so on.

Young women with a slender figure can choose orange, lemon yellow, and fruit green with tension, which have a jumping and eye-catching effect in the crowd.

Women with yellow complexion should avoid purple and yellow, and choose creamy white, lake blue, and medium green scarves to make their face whiter against the silk scarf.

Some women have fatter faces, so you can choose to wear them with pinstripes or small floral scarves. Avoid large floral scarves. The color can be dark green, dark blue, black, brown, eggplant purple, etc.

Scarf, it can not only protect the delicate skin from the cold wind, but also prevent the loss of part of the body's heat to achieve the function of keeping out the cold. At the same time, it also plays an important decorative role. The scarf dotted on the neck can make the overall clothing match effect more perfect, which is the finishing touch.