What Fabric is Chiffon

What fabric is chiffon

The name of chiffon comes from the sound and meaning of French CHIFFE, which means light and transparent fabric. It is a spinning product among silk products. The fabric is light, transparent, soft and elegant. The scientific name of "Chiffon" is "Georgette"-----Georgette, also known as Georgette crepe, is a silk fabric woven with strong twist crepe warps and crepe wefts. The name of georgette comes from France (georgette). The lightness, weight, thickness, thinness, transparency, and crepe effect of the georgette mainly depend on the thickness of the thread, the number of combinations, the twist, and the density of warp and weft. The warp and weft adopt two kinds of strong twist yarns with different twist directions, S twist and Z twist. They are arranged alternately according to 2S and 2Z (two left and two right) and are interwoven with a plain weave. The warp and weft density of the fabric is very small. After scouring, the green silk shrinks and crepes due to the untwisting effect of the silk thread, forming a georgette with uniform wrinkles and loose structure on the silk surface.


According to the raw materials used, chiffon can be divided into silk georgette, rayon georgette, polyester georgette and interwoven georgette. If the weft uses only one twist direction, the georgette woven is called normal-fiber georgette, and normal-fiber georgette shows warp Irregular wrinkles in the shape of bumps and pleats.

Introduction to the advantages and disadvantages of chiffon

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1. The texture is light, thin and transparent, and the hand feels soft and flexible.

2. The appearance is light and elegant, with good air permeability and drape.

3. Elegant and comfortable dress, ready-made upper body, both elegant and charming, solemn and elegant.

4. Good abrasion resistance, not easy to pilling, stable in size, and not easy to wrinkle.

5. Use environmentally friendly dyeing and anti-static processing.

6. Elegant and cool, very feminine, it is the icing on the cake for ladies.


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Although the chiffon fabric is soft, elegant and loose, it will sag and deform due to its poor sag feeling and is easy to be snagged. Therefore, it is best to lay the chiffon flat in the closet or fold it well, so that it is not easy to deform, and the clothes should be kept dry when stored, so as to ensure that it is intact as new. Although chiffon looks like a thin layer, because most of it is made of synthetic synthetic materials, under normal circumstances, people who wear it are warm, and people who look at it are cool. Therefore, it is generally recommended to wear it in spring and summer. In addition, the chiffon is easy to turn gray and light after washing too much, it can not be exposed to the sun, it will turn yellow, the fabric is not very firm, it is easy to stretch the yarn, and the seam is easy to tear. However, most of these problems are caused by improper washing and maintenance. In fact, as long as you master the correct washing and maintenance methods, these problems can be avoided.