What Detergent is Used for Washing Silk Underwear?

 Silk underwear is generally not suitable to use chemical detergents. If it is underwear or contains dirty stains, it is recommended to use neutral bath liquid for washing. If you must use soap and other detergents, be sure to choose neutral high-grade soap flakes and high-grade synthetics Do not use alkaline detergent as detergent! Alkaline can be described as the number one killer of silk, which can cause the silk to become hard, brittle, yellow, and fade.

Precautions for cleaning silk clothes:

1. Do not soak in water for a long time. The protective layer of silk is composed of sericin, silk fibroin and minerals, so silk products should not be washed frequently, especially not soaked in hot water and soapy water, and should not be rubbed or twisted to avoid fluffing and losing luster.


2. Silk is very resistant to heat, and the strength and tensile strength of the silk will decrease significantly at high temperatures. After washing, it should be hung to dry in a cool place to avoid embrittlement.


3. Wash the silk clothes immediately after getting wet.


4. Do not overlap or fold and dry silk clothes to avoid staining.


5. Since the tap water in summer contains more chlorine, the tap water on alternate days should be used for washing silk garments.

6. When washing, the water temperature should be at room temperature, about 30 degrees.

7. Silk clothes tend to become hard after a long period of time. Soak them with silk softener or white vinegar diluent to restore their softness.

8. Do not directly touch the silk surface when ironing, iron the reverse side or line it with cloth to avoid aurora.

9. After washing, silk garments should not be dried under sunlight or fluorescent lights, and should not be dried in a dryer. Generally, they should be dried in a cool and ventilated place. Because the ultraviolet rays in the sun easily make silk fabrics yellow and fade.