What Are the Types of Silk Fabrics?

     What types of silk fabrics are there? There are several types of silk fabrics? There are fourteen categories and 43 sub-categories of silk fabrics. There are roughly electric spinning, taffeta, double crepe, heavy crepe, smooth crepe, georgette, cogan yarn, double joe, heavy joe, brocade, sangbo satin, plain crepe satin, stretch crepe satin, warp knitting Wait for several categories.

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     Power spinning: It is a mulberry silk raw woven silk fabric, which is woven with a plain weave. It is named after the use of factory silk and electric silk looms instead of earthen silk and wooden weaving. Such as: Hangfang (produced in Hangzhou). Shaofang (produced in Shaoxing), Hufang (produced in Huzhou), etc. The power textile material is tight and clean, the hand feels soft, the luster is soft, and the wearing is smooth and comfortable. The heavy ones are mainly used as summer shirts, skirt fabrics and children's clothing fabrics; the medium ones can be used as clothing linings; the light ones can be used as petticoats, turbans, etc. It is a high-end fabric.

    Taffeta: The warp and weft threads of mulberry silk that are first refined and degummed into refined silk (cooked silk), and are woven with plain weave, also known as cooked goods. There are three types of plain taffeta, striped taffeta and floral taffeta, all of which are traditional varieties that are well-known in China in the world, and are also special products of Suzhou and Hangzhou in China. Especially the taffeta produced by Suzhou Soochow Silk Weaving Factory is collectively referred to as "Tower King". The production process of taffeta is complicated, the output is not much, and the supply can only be limited, which makes it even more precious and rare.

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    Double crepe: It is a silk satin made of mulberry silk. Its characteristic is that the silk surface presents two-way fine wrinkles, so it is called crepe. It is an important variety in the production and export of China's silk and satin, accounting for 15% and more than 10% of the total production and export of real silk. Due to its many characteristics, good quality, wide range of uses, double crepe de chine is very popular and continues to sell well.

    Heavy crepe: a heavy silk with a combination of multiple warp and weft threads and strengthened twisting of the weft. The style is similar to crepe de chine, but it is much richer than crepe de chine, at least 4 times the thickness of the common 02 crepe de chine, and mulberry silk is added. Thick crepe fabric. Heavy, pronounced "chong" here, means repetition and overlap. The craftsmanship is the weaving of multiple twisted yarns. Generally used on bedding, but also useful for making clothing.

    Smooth crepe: chemical fiber imitation silk fabric, the fabric structure adopts plain weave changes, especially the high twist of the woven fabric, which adapts to the high twist of the silk. Under the condition of strong twisting of the previous warp and weft, the warp and weft yarns are twisted after the dyeing and finishing shrinkage, and the cloth surface has an obvious crepe feeling. The finished product is rich in natural expansion and contraction, the interweaving points are firm, not easy to loosen, and cracked. The cloth surface has perforated points, such as gauze and hemp style. In addition to the advantages of soft, smooth, breathable and easy to wash, the product is more comfortable Strong, better drape. The fabric is special in printing and embroidering patterns, which can be used to make clothes for women of different ages. Later, due to the rise of Chiffon, Georgette, and Zoe series, they were abandoned by people.

   Georgette (yarn): Georgette is a kind of silk fabric, including thin and transparent Georgette and burnt-out Georgette, and heavy Joe. Georgie is also called Georgette and Georgette, whose name comes from French (georgette). The earliest georgette was silk georgette. Later, man-made fibers came out. According to the raw materials used, they can be divided into real silk georgette, rayon georgette, polyester georgette and interwoven georgette. If the weft yarn only uses one twist direction (such as S twist), the woven georgette is called straight-fiber georgette, and the straight-fiber georgette presents warp-direction bumpy pleated irregular wrinkles.

   Ke Gen yarn: Ou Gen yarn, also called Ke Gen yarn, also called Ou Gen yarn, Ou Gen yarn. English name: Organza is generally polyester, but also nylon or polyester nylon interwoven. Metal silk fabrics, cotton/nylon, nylon/cotton, polyester/nylon cotton, ta velvet, peach skin, pongee, nylon, satin, Oxford, nylon and polyester fabrics and linings can be dyed, jacquard, printed, etc. This type of thin yarn fabrics are mostly used in wedding dresses, home textiles, women's dresses, children's skirts, handicrafts, toys..........

   Sangbo satin: It is a conventional fabric in silk fabrics. The satin texture is clear, antique and very noble.

   Plain crepe satin: It is a conventional fabric in silk fabrics. The bright satin is very noble, smooth to the touch, and densely organized; this is the silk fabric in many people’s minds. The material for cheongsam has a smooth luster like pearls. Bright colors! This fabric feels good when you hold it in your hand, so when you sell satin clothes, buyer satisfaction is usually very high; this fabric is easy to wrinkle, so after ironing, it will be smooth and perfect Flashing its luster; satin is a very noble fabric. In fact, some designs made of this fabric are really beautiful, noble and very big-name.

   stretch crepe satin: a new fabric, the composition is 90%-95% mulberry silk, 5%-10% spandex, it is an interwoven fabric. It is characterized by good elasticity, comfort, relatively small shrinkage, and unique style. This is not 100% real silk, and other ingredients are added. The fabric is elastic and drape is quite good. It depends on how much the silk component accounts for. The larger the proportion of silk, the more silky it feels and the more beautiful the luster.

   Warp knitting: soft, delicate, soft and comfortable. It is a new special knitted fabric with high technology content and is a high-end product. This is knitted real silk, this kind of fabric is very expensive, and now many are not 100% silk knitted, but silk mixed with other fabrics.