What Are the Effects of Silk Pillowcase

The silk pillow is undoubtedly good for the hair. First of all, the friction between the silk pillow towel and the hair is very small. Like a normal pillow towel, it will have a certain friction and generate static electricity with the hair, which may cause the hair to dry out after a long time. For silk pillow towels, this is generally not the case. It can also make hair more silky.


Silk is a kind of protein fiber, which can help people improve the metabolism in the body and maintain the skin's suppleness and smoothness. The touch of silk is relatively soft and delicate. One of its characteristics is that it is very smooth and supple, so when you sleep at night, putting a silk pillow on it is not only very comfortable, but also very good for your hair. Moreover, its ingredients contain sericin, which can effectively prevent the breeding of mites and molds.

Silk scarves are not the same as cotton products and chemical fibers. Silk is very similar to the chemicals in human skin and hair. They have good compatibility, so it also has a certain effect on nourishing and protecting hair. Another advantage of using silk fabric as a pillow towel is that it feels very supple to the touch, and it can keep the hair smooth and supple to a certain extent for a long time.