What Are the Characteristics of Cashmere Scarves

Cashmere scarf has now become a fashion item. It is warm and fashionable. I think women should have one and be a delicate woman.

Cashmere characteristics


1. Precious as gold: Cashmere is the root of wool and the fluff on the skin is called cashmere. It is a very precious textile material with low content, high quality and high price. It enjoys the reputation of "soft gold" in the international market.

2. Soft texture and soft luster: Cashmere scarf has fine, soft and waxy characteristics. The silk-like soft and bright natural luster is charming and attractive.

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3. Lightweight and warmth: The fineness of cashmere fiber is about 15 microns, so the texture of the fabric is dense and thin, and it has natural curls, lightness and air, so it has good warmth retention.

4. Comfortable and flexible, the cashmere scarf has good moisture absorption and air permeability. It is more comfortable around the neck, has a unique hand feel, and has a rich natural color.

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5. Health care effect: cashmere scarf can promote hair follicle activity, stimulate blood circulation, help reduce fatigue and health care.



Cashmere is a kind of protein fiber, it is easy to be eaten by insects, and it is thin and easy to deform. Therefore, it must be washed and dried before storage, folded and bagged, and placed flat. Avoid hanging to avoid drape and deformation; do not be the same as other products. Mixed in bags; store in a dark, ventilated, and dry place. Pay attention to moth-proofing when storing. It is strictly forbidden to directly contact the moth-proofing agent with the cashmere sweater.

Wash and dry before storing, fold it and pack it into the cabinet after arranging it straight. When putting the mothproofing agent, be sure to wrap several layers of paper, and do not directly touch the cashmere scarf to prevent fading or deterioration.

Because the cashmere fiber is slender and soft, it is very easy to be damaged if you are not careful, so it needs your special care and love. The inner lining of the matching outerwear should be smooth and not too rough or hard. Do not put hard objects, pens, notebooks, wallets, etc. in the inner bag to avoid local friction and pilling.

Try to reduce friction with hard objects (such as long-term friction between sleeves and tabletops, sleeves and armrests of sofas, back and sofas, etc.) and pull hard hooks when you wear them outside. The wearing time should not be too long. Pay attention to the interval of about 10 days to restore the elasticity to avoid fiber fatigue.