My Silk Scrunchies Store in the UK?

       last year, I want to open a silk scrunchies store in the UK. A silk scrunchie refers to a headdress with make up on the hair circleor hair rope. Silk scrunchies are made from high-quality mulberry silk, these scrunchies will eliminate those pesky (and painful!) dents and kinks other hair ties cause.  The benefits of wearing silk scrunchies are extensive. Because of these. I was very fancy in opening the silk scrunchies.


      Then I should purchase silk scrunchies. It was very difficult. Because I was in the UK, I don't know the condition in China. And the distance is so far, so I can't buy silk scrunchies by myself.

      I Know a company Cashmere. Established in 2005, They are a direct printing factory equipped with the most advanced facilities to meet the highest standards. Currently they have 2 digital printers imported from Italy, 6 high speed printers and 10 average speed printers, with a capacity of 200,000 meters per month. They insist using the top grade silk material, 6A grade for all their silk types, resulting in great hand feel and expose excellent colors and printing. 


      Their service are Silk Scarves, Fabrics, Ties and Pyjamas are their advantage products, and there are a wide variety of fabrics in different specifications for my choice. Product Range: Scarves, Fabrics, Pyjamas, Ties, Pocket Squares, Skinny Scarves and Cushions.Material: All kinds of silk material, cotton, linen, modal, viscose, wool, cashmere and also their mix. Polyester is also workable. Huacuiyuan Silk is a Professional OEM Supplier For Custom Scarves, Fabrics, Silk Garments and Accessories such as Silk scarves,Silk Scrunchies,Silk Face Mask,Silk Eye masks,Silk Underwear,Silk Pillow Case,Silk Hairband,Silk Fabric,Silk Pajamas,Cashmere Scarves,Gloves,Hat. They are committed to offering the best quality products to my treasured customers all over the world. They've exported to Europe, America, Australia, Singapore, New Zealand and other countries with strong cooperation with major brands. They are the only supplier of specific products such as Isetan and Matsuya Ginza in Japan's high-end shopping malls.also the gift supplier of LAMIER, Kiehl's, SK-II, Swatch, CLARINS, Piaget, Nestle and other world-renowned brands.

     Cashmere's silk scrunchies are vrey good. Their silk scrunchies have heigh quality. And they have many difficult colours and types. The first time I see their silk scrunchies are very beautiful. I think women and girls will like them. I communicated with the workers. They told me the details. They say they have their own factory.  And they have inspection and after-sale. Then I go to the company alone. Because I want to see the products and environment. Let me tell you the fact, their silk scrunchies are very good. Their worker are very nice. At last. I want to say the price, their price is very cheap. And also give me a bargain. Oh one more point, their delivery is so fast. So I decide to cooperate with Cashmere.


     Later, I purchase silk scrunchies from Cashmere. My store opened in two weeks. My customer are very satisfied with my silk scrunchies. They say good. I am very happy about it. Now I am a boss of silk scrunchies store in the UK. Are you interested in silk scrunchies? 


     If you want to open a store like me. Please dial +86 13024296919. Or email [email protected]