Is Silk Fabric Easy to Wrinkle?

    I often encounter customers asking me whether the silk fabrics will crease or complain about the wrinkles of the silk fabrics.

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    First of all, what must be told here is that silk fabric has poor wrinkle resistance, so it is easy to wrinkle. This is a characteristic or disadvantage of the fabric itself. The current textile technology cannot overcome this problem for the time being. So since we can't do a fundamental solution technically, we can only make up for it in the later stage, and everyone should pay more attention to it in normal times.

    A few small points of anti-wrinkle remind everyone.

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    1. Do not wring out the silk clothes directly after washing, it is best to dry them in a place out of sunlight. So if the conditions permit, it’s best not to hang it directly with water. Although there are no wrinkles, on the one hand, there will be traces of clothes hanging on the shoulders. On the other hand, due to the gravity of the water, The elasticity of the clothes has reached the limit, and the long-term limit makes the clothes elongated and deformed. The solution is to lay them flat on a clean, non-absorbent flat surface that is a bit slanted to dry.

    2. After the silk clothes are worn, if they will be worn again for a short time, it is best to hang the clothes on a hanger and keep them flat.

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   Of course, what if your clothes are already wrinkled? Then you can only iron him, but pay attention to it when ironing. When the silk clothing is 80% dry, cover the silk surface with a white cloth and iron it with an iron (the temperature should not be too high, always uniform, and do not use steam). When ironing, do not spray water, otherwise it will cause water stains and affect the appearance. Of course, there are some peculiar methods on the Internet. You can refer to them. For example, spray silk clothes into nylon bags and put them in the freezer compartment of the refrigerator. Take them out for ten minutes and then iron them.