How To Wear A Silk Scrunchies In 2021

The silk fabric is soft, smooth, refreshing and delicate, which can fully demonstrate the feminine charm. In recent years, it has become more and more popular to tie silk in the hair, which is unique and beautiful, but also exudes a noble and elegant atmosphere. The high-level texture of silk can also effectively enhance the fashion of the overall shape.

Silk scarf braided hair

The bright and smooth color of silk can complement your hairstyle more delicately and elegantly, letting you exude noble temperament in every gesture. Although the traditional silk scarf braiding is good-looking, it may still be a little troublesome to operate by yourself. It is better to tie the silk scarf directly to the hair bun, and the lazy low ponytail is matched with the silk scarf to show the clean and artistic temperament. You can also comb a refreshing ball head and tie a bow on the top of your hair with a short silk scarf to create a sweet and lovely feeling. In terms of color, you can choose a silk scarf with the same color as the upper body to make the overall look more harmonious.

Ribbon braided hair

For people who don't have a lot of hair, braided silk scarves are actually a bit cumbersome. The silk scarves cover a larger area and may appear to have fewer hairs. At this time, it is better to replace the silk scarf with a ribbon, a small one on the head, exquisite and advanced. Feel free to tie a low ponytail and braid the entire hair with ribbons. There will be a classic beauty, capable and gentle. If the hair is relatively short, you can twist it a little, and then fix it with a ribbon on the hair, let it hang down at will, and flutter in the breeze, creating a kind of ethereal beauty. Outdoors, it is best to choose light-colored ribbons with high gloss to make your hair look more textured.

Silk Scrunchies

Silk Scrunchies have a retro feel and are more convenient to wear than silk scarves and ribbons. The color of the silk headband can be selected according to the color of the clothes, which can make the outfit more delicate. When wearing silk headbands, there is no need to make complicated hairstyles. Natural shawl and long hair are gentle enough.