how to match the color of the scarf in winter?

In the face of the cold winter, in addition to wearing various thick coats to keep warm, we also use some warm accessories, such as hats and scarves. In addition to keeping warm, these warm accessories can also add a lot of fashionable value and fashion. Among these warm accessories, scarves are the most widely used and have the largest audience.


A suitable scarf can not only keep you warm, but also play a decorative effect, but also enhance your wearing taste, highlighting the sense of fashion. But there are many styles of scarves and different styles. In the face of these various scarves, how can you choose and match a scarf that suits you? Today, Xiao Chen will focus on explaining how to make a scarf in winter.


The first point: solid color scarf

Pure color scarves can be roughly divided into four types, first, black, white, gray and colorless, then dark, light and Morandi colors. There is nothing to say about the black, white, gray and colorless series. It is the most versatile color. I don't know what scarf to wear. When it is difficult to choose, you can choose a black, white and gray scarf. For light-colored scarves, it is recommended to match with darker clothes. The combination of light and dark can not only have a more layered color, but also have an eye-catching effect of contrasting colors.

For dark scarves, you should pay attention to matching them with dark clothing as little as possible. Not only is it dull and boring, but it also looks very dull and devoid of energy. It is recommended to match with light-colored clothes. The reason is the same as that of light-colored scarves, which can have an eye-catching effect of contrasting colors and have more highlights.

Morandi color is a kind of color that looks very advanced, often with grayish colors in the color, it is Morandi color. Scarves of this color are the same as the black, white, and gray colorless systems. A wild color!


The second point: pattern scarf

Patterned scarves are divided into silk patterned scarves and knitted patterned scarves. The former should be more suitable for autumn or summer, but Xiao Chen found that there are still many people who wear them in winter. Silk scarves are usually more elegant, giving people a noble and elegant The temperament is more suitable to match some mature and elegant clothing, such as winter coats. Don't match with colorful down jackets, it will reduce the temperament and make it more rustic!


Woven patterned scarves are generally in two or more colors, and different patterns are woven by weaving techniques. Such scarves usually give people a very eye-catching fashion sense. The patterned scarves of the two colors are more versatile and can be matched with confidence. But if you choose a patterned scarf in multiple colors, you should pay attention to it. If there are too many colors and more complicated patterned scarves, choose pure-color clothing as much as possible when dressing, so as to avoid the complicated colors that make people feel messy.

The third point: fringed scarf and woven scarf

The color matching of the scarf mentioned in the previous two points can be used in combination with this one! Let's talk about fringed scarves first, fringed scarves are generally styles with various tassels, which usually give people a casual and fragmentary feeling, and the clothing can be as simple and generous as possible. Most of the woven scarves are knitted and hollow. Such scarves are actually similar to solid-color scarves, but they have more fancy knitting, which looks very stylish and more attractive. The matching method and solid-color scarves are naturally the same.