How to Wrap Hair with Silk Scarf

There are many magical uses of silk scarves. When decorating the hair, it can be used to tie the hair, or it can be used to wrap the head to create a stylish and individual look. So how do you wrap your hair with a silk scarf? The folded large square scarf wraps your head at will. It is slightly messy and looks more exotic. Come and give it a try! Scarf wrap hair tutorial

women silk scarf

1. The large square scarf is folded along the diagonal, with the sharp corners leading,

2. Then pull both ends of the silk scarf forward

3 After tightening, cross and tie the hair and fix it

4. Put the "triangular" silk scarf in front of you up, and then tie it up with the tail of the silk scarf to create a flower shape.

silk scarf