How to Wash a Wool Scarf?

Method of cleaning wool scarf:


  1. Prepare a pot of warm water, pay attention to control the water temperature below 35 degrees, you can use the temperature to measure, because hot water will damage the cashmere.

   2. Pour a spoonful of starch into the basin and stir until it is completely dissolved. Starch is neutral and can soften wool. Avoid using alkaline lotion and neutralize it with neutral starch, so that the damage to cashmere can be minimized.

  3. Soak the wool scarf in a basin for five minutes.

  4. Change a basin of warm water, add neutral lotion, and put the wool scarf in the basin.

  5. Put the wool scarf into soak for five minutes, knead gently to wash, and wash the wool scarf.

  6. Finally, put it in clean water and rinse it off.


In addition, you can also send the wool scarf to the laundry for professional cleaning to avoid damage to the scarf caused by improper operation.