How to Use Silk Pillowcase

Silk pillowcases feel and look luxurious. You'll find elegant silk pillowcases in a rainbow of brilliant colors, from soft pastels to warm jewel tones. Not only are silk pillowcases beautiful, but they may help your beauty regime. Silk is better for your hair than rougher fabrics because the smooth material helps prevent tangles or breakage, as hair does not get caught on the fabric. In addition to helping protect hair, silk pillowcases prevent pillow marks on the skin, so you no longer have to worry about mornings with a face creased by pillows. Look below to learn how to use silk pillowcases.

satin pillowcase

Using Silk Pillowcases:

1. Clean Your New Pillowcases

Remove your silk pillowcases from their packaging. Then machine wash the pillowcases in cold water with mild liquid detergent on a gentle cycle. Tumble dry on low heat, adding a dryer sheet to prevent static.

2. Cover Your Pillows

Slip the silk pillowcases over your bed pillows just as you would with cotton cases. Place the pillows on your bed, either atop the blankets, if you want to use them decoratively, or beneath the blankets.

3. Sleep with the Silk Pillowcases on Your Pillows Every Night

Wash the pillowcases weekly or as often as needed, following the care instruction above.

4. Store Carefully

Prevent wrinkles in your extra silk pillowcases by storing them properly when you aren’t using them. Do this by folding them and storing them flat in a drawer or a linen closet. If you have several pieces of silk bedding, fold it all and place it together in a silk pillowcase for an organized look. Add a scented sachet to the drawer to keep pillowcases fresh-scented.