How to Tie a Scarf in Winter to Look Better?

Scarf is an indispensable item in winter. It not only keeps warm, it is also a fashion. There are many ways to tie a scarf. Different scarves have different tie methods, and the same scarf also has different tie methods, all of which vary from person to person.

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1 Take whatever you want. This type of tie is more suitable for casual wear. Put the scarf on the shoulder at will. It is very simple, looks comfortable, and keeps warm.

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2 Make a circle. Wrap the scarf around your neck twice to make it look neater and keep warm.

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3 Hang directly in the neck. This method is more suitable for wearing a windbreaker or overcoat. It is particularly convenient and looks very fashionable, but the warmth is not so good.

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4Tie a knot in the neck. This kind of system is very convenient to do things, and you don't worry about the scarf falling off, but this kind of system must be in line with your personal temperament, otherwise it will make people feel very vulgar.

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5 Circle around your neck and tuck it into your clothes. This style is suitable for very cold times, which can make the scarf play its best use, and it looks very beautiful.

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6 Fold it in half. This is very convenient, and not so particular, very casual