How to Store Silk Scarves

Women can have no expensive diamonds or fashion, but they must have one or two scarves that suit their temperament. Scarves of different textures interpret different beauty. The lightness, elegance and soft luster of silk scarves can set off women's feminine temperament and add infinite charm to women. White-collar workers in the workplace need to prepare silk scarves that are not heavy for at least two weeks in order to interpret the charm of the workplace. How does a scarf-controlled beauty store so many silk scarves?

silk scarf

1. Hang up the silk scarf with a silk scarf holder. There are various silk scarf holders for sale online. Hanging the silk scarf with these silk scarf holders is clear at a glance and easy to access when needed.

2. It can be hung and stored in a sorting bag, and it is stored in a hanging sorting bag, which is very convenient to access and does not take up space.

3. Store in a transparent or translucent bag for easy identification

women's silk scarves

4. Use a folder for storage, fold up the silk scarf, and put it into a file bag with a transparent plastic bag interlayer.

5. Use an oblong bobbin to roll up the silk scarf for storage, so that it is not easy to wrinkle the silk scarf.

For example, women's bottles for lotion or lotion, or the roll core of plastic wrap at home, are not only waste utilization, but also convenient for storing silk scarves by themselves.

6. Store silk scarves in a box, fold multiple silk scarves into a suitable size, and put them in a beautiful box. The silk scarves are not easy to be crumpled.