How to Select the Best Silk Scarf for You?

       Nowadays, silk scarves are more and more popular among women, but how to match them to wear their own taste? Now I will show you how to match silk scarves in detail.Fold the long silk scarf to a width of 2CM to make it a ribbon, and tie a slip knot around the neck. Rotate the ribbons on the left and right sides together in a spiral shape. Continue step 2 and then rotate it to the bottom end. Loop the rotated ribbon around the slip knot with your fingers in a counterclockwise direction. Continue step 4 and then wrap it to the highest point, leaving a length of about 5cm to the bottom of the flower. Finally, use a pin to pin the flower and the slip knot to adjust the length of the flower.

chiffon silk scarf

  1. Fold the silk scarf diagonally in four into strips, Tie the red scarf knot .Adjust the silk scarf into a tie shape

  2. Fold the silk scarf in half into a strip, Tie a knot at one end of the silk scarf , Pass the unknotted end out of the knot.

  3. Fold the silk scarf in half lengthwise and loosely tie the knot at 10cm at one end. Fold the other end out of an organ fold of about 3cm. Insert the organ fold into the hole and tighten the knotted end.

    silk scarf

  4. Fold the scarf in half and then fold it into a tie shape, The longer end a goes around the shorter end b and pulls up through the inner side of the scarf, Pull out through the knot and adjust it into a tie shape. With a shirt, simple and neutral beauty, with a dress, elegant and outstanding