How to Remove Wrinkles in Silk Scarf

1. Hang the scarves in a dark place to prevent the fabric from being yellowed directly by the light;


2. Don't hang silk scarves on hard hooks to prevent silk surface damage;

3. Mothballs should not be placed when the silk is not worn, otherwise it will become brittle.

Silk is a very expensive fabric. Its skin-friendliness is unmatched by all other fabrics. It has a soft and smooth texture, a soft and light feel, colorful colors, and a cool and comfortable wearing.

Silk clothing is made of protein-based delicate health-care fiber, and its anti-wrinkle performance is slightly worse than chemical fiber. Therefore, in daily life, it is not suitable to rub rough items and wash with a washing machine. Use special silk detergent to synthesize low-foaming detergent. Or use neutral soap and rub it gently to prevent the silk garments from wrinkling.

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Cleaning and maintenance skills of silk scarves:

1. Dark-colored clothing or silk fabrics should be washed separately from light-colored ones;

2. Sweaty silk scarf should be washed immediately or soaked in clean water, and should not be washed with hot water above 30 degrees;

3. When washing silk, use acid detergent or light alkaline detergent, preferably special detergent for silk;

4. It's best to wash by hand. Never wring it vigorously or scrub with a hard brush. You should knead lightly and throw it out with clean water. Gently squeeze out the water with your hands or towel, and dry it in the shade;


5. After washing, silk garments should not be exposed to the sun, nor should they be heated with a dryer. Generally, they should be dried in a cool and ventilated place.

6. Preserve real silk clothing. For thin underwear, shirts, pants, skirts, pajamas, etc., wash them first, iron them dry, and store them. For autumn and winter clothing, jackets and cheongsams that are inconvenient to take apart and wash, they should be cleaned with dry cleaning until they are ironed to prevent mildew and moths.


7. After ironing, it can also play the role of sterilization and pest control. At the same time, the boxes and cabinets for storing scarves should be kept clean and sealed as far as possible to prevent dust pollution.