How to Open a Pillow Store?

    At the beginning of this year, I wanted to open a pillow case shop. Because I know that every family needs pillow cases, which represent your personal taste. So I collected knowledge about opening a shop everywhere. Now let me talk about how I open a pillow case shop. 

   1.Formulate strategic planning for the development of new stores. When opening new stores, make strategic planning for the future development of new stores. Such as the speed of opening a store, the scale of opening a store, the development prospect of a new store, etc. When looking for new store opening opportunities, there are generally two choices: one is to add new retail outlets in cities with existing retail stores; Second, set up new retail outlets in cities that have not yet developed.


   The first case is easy to make decisions, while the second case generally requires a more comprehensive and systematic decision-making process. For individual investors, store opening plans often pay more attention to short-term business forecasts rather than long-term store opening plans. 

   2. Conduct market research, confirm the intention to open stores, conduct rigorous market research, confirm retail opportunities, and determine the intention to open stores, such as the number and area of stores.

   3. There are many kinds of clothing, shoes and hats sales formats, such as self chain stores, franchise stores, primary dealers, etc. from the perspective of investment. From the perspective of whether there are physical stores, there are product catalog direct sales stores, floor shops, store in store stores, clothing trade city, clothing retail exhibitions, mobile stalls, etc. clothing brand enterprises can also choose the way of franchise stores according to the needs of salespeople. 


   4.When choosing the region to open a store, it is generally necessary to analyze their own business advantages. First open a store in a less competitive central city, and then radiate to the surrounding cities as an axis. This is a relatively safe method. 

   5. Investigation and selection of store location after choosing the city to open a store, we should conduct in-depth and detailed business district analysis to ensure the detailed store location. Generally, the aspects that meet the conditions for opening a store should have the following four characteristics. First, the selected location is consistent with its brand image. Second, convenient transportation. Third, the passenger flow should be large enough. Fourth, we should choose the right competitors. In clothing retail, competitors are generally divisor as a business benchmark, which plays a positive role in attracting target customers and adjusting business strategies. 


   6.Make store opening plan and implement it. For the decoration of retail stores, preparation for opening and trial operation, the schedule shall be formulated and implemented as planned. 

   7. Open shop. When the shop assistants, goods and retail store layout have been arranged, a store opening plan should be made to give consumers a good impression.


   8.Evaluate the performance of new stores. For new stores, we should pay special attention to the changes of their performance, often analyze the sales situation, summarize experience and review problems, so as to improve and adapt to the local retail characteristics.

    So I went to sourcing company. This company helped me solve all the problems. The company has considerable experience in finding resources. They found different manufacturers and compared their prices, the quality of raw materials, the production process and after-sales. Finally helped me choose the manufacturer. Because the price is appropriate, I have a great advantage in profits, and because the after-sales service is very good, I have no worries at home. For all the problems I mentioned above about opening a store. Nacy, an employee of the sourcing company, had a long talk with me all night on behalf of the company, and finally helped me formulate a detailed store opening plan. I appreciate the company's help in opening my store. If necessary, please contact sourcing company. Let them find the most professional help for you. 


     Let's talk about the operation of my pillow case store, from purchasing to selling. The sourcing company assisted me in every link. In terms of sales profit, due to the low purchase price, the profit is high. Although I sell pillow cases. However, due to small profits and quick turnover, the profit is very large. This is the story of my pillow case shop.