How to Make Silk Fabric?

1. To choose a suitable needle, generally choose No. 11 needle for thin silk fabrics, and choose No. 11-No. 14 needles for elastic fabrics.

2. After selecting the appropriate needle, adjust the bottom. For the tension of the upper thread, test it with a piece of waste fabric, and only operate on the finished product when the stitch size of the bottom thread is the same.

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3. Needle size for silk fabrics should be smaller, 4--5 stitches per centimeter, stitch size for stretch fabrics should be slightly larger, 3--4 stitches per centimeter (because silk and stretch fabrics are also thicker, so I'm not good To make a conclusion, it is best to try it before doing it).

4. During the operation, gently pull with your hands in front of the fabric, and the hands and feet must be well matched, otherwise the flatness of the fabric will also be affected.

5. If wrapping, use a thin starch paste to scrape it, iron it with an iron after it cools, and press out a seam line. , There can be no grains. Another simple method: scraping with rice paste is also good)

6. To reduce the pressure of the presser foot, you can adjust the presser foot screw or let the master adjust it.

7. You can put a thin paper under the fabric, and then remove the paper.

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8. You can go to the store to do a survey to see how the same finished fabric is made, and how to master the stitch code is also an experience.