How to Maintain Silk Pajamas?

   1. When washing real silk Pajamas, use a detergent specially designed for washing silk and wool fabrics (available in all supermarkets). Put the passing clothes in cold water. Please refer to the instructions for the amount of washing liquid. The amount of water is suitable to soak the clothes. Soak for 5 to 10 minutes. Knead gently with your hands. Do not knead vigorously. After washing, rinse with cold water three times.

  2. Dry the clothes in a cool and ventilated place with the clothes inside out.

pajamas silk

  3. When the clothes are 80% dry, spread a white cloth on the clothes and iron them with an iron (do not spray water). The temperature of the iron should not be too high to avoid yellowing. It can also be flattened and hung by hands without ironing.

  4. real silk clothing should be washed and changed frequently.

    5. Wearing real silk clothing, do not rub on the mat, wooden board or rough objects, so as to avoid picking and breaking the silk.

    6. Wash well when storing, do not put mothballs.

  7. real silk and tussah silk garments should be stored separately to prevent the silk garments from turning yellow. When storing white silk garments, wrap them in clean white paper to avoid yellowing.