How to Identify the Scarf is Silk

How to identify the scarf is silk?Consumer identification of silk fabrics available in the following ways:


one:Item identification method

Chinese-made silk satin uniform number composed of five Arabic numerals, the first five digits from the left on behalf of the fabric material number, all silk (includingsilk, silk) to "1", chemical fiber fabrics "2", "3" for blended fabrics, "4" for tussah silk fabrics and "5" for rayon fabrics. It is understood that there are no imported silk fabrics on the market, such as georgette yarn, soft yarn, pearly pattern, etc. These are all chemical fiber fabrics, so there is no uniform product number

two:Price identification method

Silk fabric is about the price of chemical fiber, artificial silk satin twice. Gloss, feel recognition Appreciation of the sample appearance of its appearance, the silk has light-absorbing properties, it looks smooth and glossy mirror, shiny and elegant soft, pearly light, soft and elegant feel, dense silk, there will be wrinkles, The higher the purity, the greater the density of the silk feel better; although the silk fabric after decadent treatment, feel softer, but the silk dark, pearl luster; chemical fiber fabric luster bright, dazzling, feel stiff. In addition, the silk product should be slightly scraped by the feeling of friction between the two layers of fabric, will produce a "siren" sound, and other raw fabric does not.

three:Burning method

Remove part of the yarn thread combustion, the silk can not see the open flame, the smell of burning hair, indicating a protein fiber, gray as black particulate, can be crushed by hand; simulation silk case of fire, plastic flavor, fire extinguished The rear edge will leave a hard plastic block. Silk shrinkage higher, the purchase of finished products to choose a larger than the actual size of the file is appropriate, if it is fabric, fabric should be made before soaking in water for more than 5 hours, so that the fabric completely absorbed moisture to dry, and then Soak the second, so after two soaking two dry silk will not be deformed.