How to Fold Silk Scarf in Winter

In winter, ladies like to wear overcoats and pure silk scarves. The silk scarves should be removed indoors. If they are not properly placed, the scarves will be folded. Therefore, think of ways to place the silk scarves. The towels are folded up, some are put in the closet, and some are put together with the coat.

1 Pure silk scarves are very comfortable to wear in winter, but pure silk scarves are easy to fold, so they should be placed properly.

silk scarves

2 When the silk scarf is worn with the coat, the silk scarf should be folded and worn so that the silk scarf has no wrinkles.

3 The placing method of the silk scarf can be placed on the collar of the coat, and it should be loosened so that the folds of the silk scarf will spread out.

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4 It is better to wear a dark scarf with a coat in winter. Light-colored silk scarves have a cool feeling, so dark ones are warm colors.

5 Put the coat and silk scarf together so that when you wear the coat, you can put the silk scarf first and then put on the coat.

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6 Wearing in winter should be scattered on the coat, so that when the coat is on the hanger, the silk scarf will not appear wrinkles, so the silk scarf should be placed well.