How to Clean Silk Eye Mask

Silk eye masks need to be washed by hand at low temperature. The real silk eye mask needs to be cleaned carefully, and the following points should be paid attention to.

1. When washing, hand wash in cold water below 30 degrees. If you soak it with a few drops of balsamic vinegar, the silk eye mask will be soft and smooth (generally not more than 10 minutes, pure silk is natural to breathe Fiber, not suitable for soaking in water for too long).

silk eye mask

2. It is not advisable to use alkaline detergent and soap to wash. After washing, you should choose a ventilated place to dry to avoid damage to the feel and color of the silk goggles.

eye mask

3.The soaked silk eye mask needs to be washed immediately.

4.Do not hang the silk goggles on the hard metal hooks to prevent the silk surface from being damaged.

5 .If there is mild mildew caused by damp, just wipe it lightly with a flannel or a new towel.

There are many varieties of real silk. It is recommended to check the washing label of the clothes before washing. Some varieties are not suitable for washing, such as soft satin, brocade, antique satin, natural silk, golden crepe, golden velvet, etc.; some varieties are suitable for dry cleaning, such as velvet, zhang velvet, georgette, etc.; some can be washed in cold water before washing Soak in medium for about 10 minutes, and the soaking time should not be too long.

Silk clothes should be hung and stored. The boxes and cabinets for storing clothes should be kept clean and dry. They should be sealed as far as possible to prevent dust pollution. Do not use deodorant or perfume, and do not place mothballs. For autumn and winter clothing, jackets and cheongsams that are inconvenient to take apart and wash, they should be cleaned with dry cleaning until they are ironed to prevent mildew and moths.