How to Choose a Scarf That Suits You

To choose the most suitable scarf for you, you need to start with the color, pattern and sense of volume.


The beauty of harmony-the shade of the scarf is close to the skin tone. The choice of scarf color is even more important than clothing, because the scarf directly touches the face, and whether the skin color is bright depends on it.

•White complexion-high brightness color (light color)

The three figures below are all standard snow-white skins, which are very suitable for light colors, light pink, light blue, light purple and so on.


This involves the basic color principle. These light colors add white to the color (red, blue, and purple), so the whiter the skin, the lighter the color can be. In real life, we may not be so dazzling white, so we need to reduce the brightness of the color accordingly.

Dark complexion does not refer to the pure black of blacks, but the yellowish black of Asians. This kind of skin color has certain limitations in color choice and dress collocation.

• Three-dimensional facial features-high saturation color (pure color)

Pure colors are those that are not mixed with black, white and gray. They are very pure colors, just like the three primary colors of red, yellow and blue, which are very difficult colors.

Faint facial features-low saturation color (turbid color)

Turbidity is the addition of black and white ash to the pure color, which sometimes makes people feel unclear, such as bean paste, yellow-green, and so on. Sisters with plain facial features will appear gentle and temperamental if they use muddy colors.