How To Clean Silk Towel ?Precautions For Silk Towel Maintenance

Abstract: mulberry silk scarves are made of precious mulberry silk. The silk of mulberry silk is delicate, glossy, supple and elastic. But at the same time mulberry silk material is also very delicate, need careful care, otherwise it is easy to lead to protein fiber damage, there may be wrinkles, silk phenomenon, and cause permanent damage. So we should pay attention to the maintenance at ordinary times, and be extra careful when cleaning, and try to wash it by hand.

1、 How to clean silk towel

1. First, dissolve the detergent completely in warm water at about 20 ℃, and then wash it by hand.

2. First, do the test of water loss. Dip a little water on the inconspicuous edge of the silk towel, and then press it with a white towel. If there is a little fading phenomenon, do not wash.

3. Rinse quickly after folding. Fold the silk towel neatly, fix the folding place by hand, quickly put it into the water, and shake it back and forth to rinse the dirt on the surface.

4. Wring in folded state, spreading out and rinsing again. Then change the warm water and repeat the steps twice.

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5. Treated with softener. To prevent static electricity and increase elasticity,

6. Spread out the silk towel and roll it with a towel. Roll up along the edge to form a cylinder to fully absorb moisture.

7. After the moisture is removed, the silk towel is completely spread out, hung on the clothes rack, and placed indoors to dry in the shade without sunlight.

2、 Precautions for cleaning and maintenance of silk towel

1. Silk scarves don't need to worry about shrinkage, so they can be washed with water, but they can't be washed by machine. Don't wash with hot water above 30 degrees, and don't mix with other clothes. When hand washing, do not use strong rubbing or twisting, but use the way of bubble and light kneading to wash. The technique should be very gentle, and pay attention not to soak for a long time. This is the key to how to wash silk towel.

2. Silk towel is not suitable for washing with washing powder and soap, which will make silk towel yellow and hard. When washing, you should use acid detergent or light alkaline detergent. You can use special detergent for silk, such as simaojing. You can also use mild neutral detergent. If you don't have any, you can consider using high-quality shampoo and shower gel. This has an important influence on how to wash silk towel.

3. Mulberry silk towel can not be directly dried by hand, a lot of water should be pressed out by hand. Mulberry silk scarves can not be directly exposed to the sun, but to dry in the shade, so that it will not fade.

4. When not in use, it's better to put on a paper bag and hang it up. When storing, mulberry silk is afraid of insects, so it's best to use natural insect proof spices. And mulberry silk most afraid of sharp objects hook silk, so try not to rub to rough objects.

5. Silk scarves are easy to wrinkle and need to be ironed from time to time. When ironing, be sure to use the iron low temperature gear, use too high temperature will damage the silk fiber. Should be 80% dry ironing, and not directly spray water, and to iron the back of the towel, the temperature control between 100-180 degrees.

3、 Silk towel cleaning tips

1. How to wash by hand

The surface of pure silk is not easy to be stained with dirt, so when cleaning, use cold water or warm water within 30 ℃, add cold detergent or neutral detergent (such as detergent for washing vegetables and fruits), gently rub with hands, and then use softener for softening treatment after washing.

2. Pay attention to machine washing

If you use the washing machine, please put it into the washing net and choose gentle.

3. Treatment of yellowing

If it has turned slightly yellow, add 3 ~ 4 ㏄ vinegar when cleaning, soak it for 5 minutes, and then wash it with clean water.

4. How to dry

If there are wrinkles after washing, just hang them on the hanger and dry them in the shade. If you want to iron them, use low temperature and a piece of pressing cloth at the same time.

5. Silk towel should be washed with neutral detergent when washing. After washing, it should not be twisted or exposed to the sun.

6. More luster: when washing mulberry silk, if you can add a small spoonful of vinegar in water, the fabric will be more colorful after washing.

7. Air to 80% dry, medium temperature ironing, wrinkle best, ironing the reverse side up, keep luster, avoid water spray, avoid water stains