How To Choose The Right Color For Silk Scarf Customization

In every woman's wardrobe, in addition to a lot of clothes, there will be several silk scarves. Silk scarves are the finishing touch of clothes. An ordinary dress will be alive and fragrant through the ornament of a silk scarves, but pay attention to the tie method and color matching of silk scarves. How to choose the silk scarf that suits you? Huacuiyuan silk scarves customization factory has been focusing on scarves customization for 15 years, and has received numerous customers in the past 15 years. There are also rich surprises in the selection of silk scarves. Let's talk about the mystery today!

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Scarf customization

The choice of silk scarves is closely related to your color season and wearing style. The color range of your head to foot is determined by the color of your hair, eyes and skin. It is divided into six categories: deep, light, cold, warm, clean and soft.

If you are often called "chocolate" beauty in life, you have black hair, black eyes and not too white skin color, you are a "dark" color type person, so when you choose silk scarves, you should choose some colors that are heavy and colorful, not too light and old. Wearing such silk scarves will make your face pale and spiritless. On the contrary, some pure color silk scarves, such as light peach, light gold, etc., "light" color type people, most of these people are not too black eyes and hair, skin is white, if you wear dark silk scarves, you can only look old and old. Blue or purple silk scarves are full of romantic colors, which are suitable for people with "cold" color on their faces with a green background. People with "cold" color can't wear silk scarves with a yellow background, which will look gaunt and spiritless. Orange and other yellow background colors are warm like sunlight, but not everyone is good-looking, only the "warm" color is beautiful, if you are a "warm" color, you can choose the pumpkin color, bright yellow and other colors of silk scarves. Some silk scarves with high brightness such as bright pink, apple green and aqua blue are good choices for "clean" type people. Black hair, white skin and black eyes are "clean" type. These high-intensity colors will make "clean" type people reflect diamond like luster.