How Silk Hairband is Made?

1. About making silk hairdbands,Put the paper pattern on the back of the silk fabric, draw the outline with a water eraser, leave a 1-1.2cm wide seam allowance and cut it out. The resin lining is the same, but there is no need to leave the seam allowance. Cut the ruffle fabric, 2.5cm wide, leaving 1.5 and 1cm wide seam allowances respectively.

2. Ironing to make the main body.

(1) Adhesive silk fabric and resin lining. Stick the side of the resin lined with glue on the back of the fabric, turn off the steam in the iron, and iron from left to right to avoid air bubbles. The method of judging that the resin is lined with glue is that the smooth side is the rubbery surface, and the rough side like cotton texture is the non-glue surface. Must be aligned!

(2) quilting and shirring the arc part. Sewing curved fabrics generally requires silk quilting, pleating and ironing, in order to keep the arc smooth and neat. At this time, the resin lining plays the role of fixing the arc to prevent the arc shape from being damaged during shirring. If there is no hard lining, you can put the paper pattern made of cardboard in, and then take it out after ironing.

(3) Ironing seam allowance.

silk hairband

(4) Decorate the main body of the film. This step can be omitted. In order to increase the sense of cla and the beauty, I used the color cotton lace

3. Make the lotus leaf.

(1) Ironing seam allowance. The back is facing up. We left a seam allowance of 1.5cm in front and fold it up in half and iron it. The method is to move it with one hand and the other. After ironing, fold up again, fold the seam allowance into the effective width of 2.5cm, and iron again.

4. Combine each piece.

(1) Stick the upper and lower backs of the main body together, align them, and fix them in the middle with a bead pin

(2) Sandwich the lotus leaf seam allowance between the two pieces, quilting and fixing

(3) Fix the lace. In order to fit the cotton theme, two 1.5cm wide and 60cm long cotton straps are used as laces, which are respectively quilted and fixed on both ends of the main body of the hair strap. The other end of the strap can be cut to increase the aesthetics. 

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