How Often to Wash Pillow Cases?

   You may not give much thought to your pillow cases, but it's what you rest your head on for seven to nine hours each night. If your pillow cases have seen better days, look through our variety of options below to find the best upgrade for you. From smooth silk to practical cotton to luxe bamboo, our pillow cases sets were chosen to appeal to a wide range of bedding preferences. Treat yourself, and you'll be surprised at just how great it feels to lie down on a smooth new pillow case each night.


   Pillows and pillow cases keep you company all through the night. So choose what feels most comfortable to you – like a satin pillow case made of sustainable cotton and lyocell or one with lustrous linen. We’ve got lots of colors to choose from, too, for an easy bedroom refresh.

   It’s often been said that “home is where you lay your head.” There’s something about your own bed at home that just reaches out to welcome you home. We believe the proper bedding can become a reflection of all that “home” embodies: comfort, belonging, love, rest, and peace.Is there anything more comforting than the feel of fresh, clean cotton against your skin? Our 100% cotton pillowcases are available in several colors and patterns to suit any bedroom decor. And they’re made from some of the finest long-staple cotton available. We believe it is the best possible fabric for your pillow cases, due to its comfort, breathability, and ease of care. So choose a plain or patterned pair, or customize your own personal look with embroidered detailing and monogramming. No matter the style, we’re sure you’ll be pleased with the feel and comfort of our luxury pillow cases.


    Pillow cases have many different coulours and different types. There are lovely wind, lady wind and home wind. You can choose your style. Choose different kinds of pillow cases according to the decoration style and style of the home, which can highlight your personal style. So you can choose your favorite pillowcase to decorate your home, which is undoubtedly a good thing. 

   The function of pillow case is to protect the pillow core from damage and dirt. Like when we sleep, our heads are actually easy to sweat. Therefore, the function of the whole set is to absorb the sweat and oil secreted by the head skin when we sleep, so that the pillow core is not easy to get dirty. In fact, pillowcases are generally bought together with four piece sets, so that the design, color and style can be unified, but at this time, many people will ignore whether the size of the whole set is appropriate. In addition to the material, pattern and price, the choice of pillow cases should also check the size of pillow cases. The appropriate pillow cases should match the pillow, which will not leave a lot of space, nor will it be too small to fit in. The appropriate pillow core and the appropriate size pillow cases can give full play to its most beautiful effect, just as we wear close fitting clothes. 


    And how often to wash pillow cases?

    Eight hours a night, your pillow case rests directly against your face. This means all of the oils, dust, and dirt that build up on the surface are being rubbed against your skin, all night long. If you’re guilty of leaving your pillow cases on the bed until they start to smell funny, you’re doing your skin a serious disservice. Most experts recommend you wash your pillow cases about every two to three days. But who has time to do laundry that often? Stock up with extras, and you can change them out every few days, then wash several at a time.