How Much Do You Know About Silk Masks?

    Silk Masks have many advantages. Because the main characteristics of silk products are light, thin and good air permeability. Therefore, silk mask has good air permeability and anti adsorption ability. In addition, the silk fabric will not generate static electricity, which can prolong the service time of the mask. Cotton and gauze fabrics are not as breathable as silk fabrics, and are easy to absorb dust particles in the air. The Silk Mask is very comfortable and soft to wear. The focus is on environmental protection, because the Silk Mask can be repeated. 

    But how to choose silk masks?


    1.Select compound half mask type. Disposable masks are not suitable for long-term or occupational protection due to their high air leakage rate.


    2.Kn100 dust filter cotton is selected for use. Low protection rate will lead to physical injury.

silk mask

    3.It is more comfortable to choose silicone material. It is suitable for wearing for a long time and is not easy to cause allergic reaction. Masks with high hardness are easy to cause facial indentation.


    4.It is extremely important that masks are sized. Don't buy those so-called universal masks. Easy to leak.

silk masks

    5.There are two kinds of masks covering the mouth and nose, covering the mouth and nose and mandible. It is recommended to use the latter, which is relatively comfortable.


    6.It is recommended to choose a smooth breathing mask. Some masks adopt double filter cotton design, and the filter cotton has two sides, so the mask can breathe smoothly.


    In the face of this period of time affected by the epidemic. Masks have long been the most important and necessary thing for everyone to go out, In addition to being the first line of defense to protect health. Many people are getting used to integrating masks into their daily wear, So that the mask can also have characteristics and style. From the wearing of celebrities and fashion bloggers, we can see that the mask can be easily matched, and this silk mask has also been loved by fashion fans recently!

    From the very beginning, major boutiques have joined the ranks of making epidemic prevention materials. Louis Vuitton, burberry and others have transferred their production lines to make masks, Looking forward to contributing to the epidemic, also integrate their own brand characteristics into it, Burberry's classic Monogram pattern is printed on the mask, So that epidemic prevention is no longer just a worrying thing. On the contrary, it can also be very positive and optimistic, become one of the shapes of our daily life. Following the attention of Kate Middleton, Princess of England, who attended the event wearing a printed mask. This time, this romantic silk mask is also recommended to readers. In addition to dream pink, there is also low-key all black. For those who pay attention to wearing and matching, you may add a layer of silk mask to the medical mask, so that wearing the mask can also be very fashionable.