How Many Types of Silk Are There?

I believe that many people have misunderstandings about silk scarf fabrics when they buy silk scarves. Some people think that real silk is soft and smooth. But in fact, there are many types of real silk fabrics-twill, plain crepe satin, georgette, crepe de chine, double palace silk, georgette, silk brushed and so on. Aurora silk scarves and scarves are made of real silk fabrics, including twill, plain crepe satin, chiffon, and silk brushed. What are the differences between these fabrics?

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"Twill silk" is a satin fabric with a twill weave, and the cloth surface has obvious diagonal lines. Twill silk is most easily misunderstood. People who come into contact with it for the first time often say that twill silk scarves are not soft enough (but this is compared to plain crepe satin). In fact, twill silk is a fabric commonly used by international big names (such as Hermes, GUCCI, etc.).

Why do international big names like to use twill? Because the twill silk scarf is soft but has "bones", it is easy to shape.

Plain satin

 silk half and half

"Plain crepe satin" is a silk scarf made of conventional silk silk fabrics. The weaves are so tight that it is difficult to see the lines with the naked eye. Visually, it has a very natural luster and a silky and delicate hand feel, which is often in line with the traditional impression of ordinary people on silk scarves.

Because it is smooth, it is difficult to fix the shape compared with twill, but it has very good drape.


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In addition to the above two fabrics, "chiffon" fabrics are also used for longer silk scarves. The chiffon fabric is soft, light and transparent.

The hand feels smooth and elastic, the appearance is light and clean, and it has good air permeability and drape. Therefore, in the hot summer, chiffon is particularly popular, not only can play a role in sun protection, but also can make wearing more colorful.

Silk brushed

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"Silk brushed" scarves are brushed silk fabrics to make them thicker and fluffy on the surface.

The brushed scarf has a delicate feel, which can best highlight the high quality of the scarf, and behind the quality lies the difficult craftsmanship.

The skin care effect of silk

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that silk is pungent, smooth, non-toxic, enters the heart, and has four meridians of the liver, spleen, and lungs. Making this natural raw material into personal clothing will help prevent skin diseases. Because silk is a protein fiber with good moisture absorption, good air permeability, strong dirt absorption and antibacterial ability, silk fibroin contains 18 kinds of amino acids that are beneficial to the human body. When silk clothing touches the skin, it can increase cell vitality, help the skin maintain the metabolism of the surface lipid membrane, keep the skin moisturized and smooth, and play a cosmetic role.

If twill and plain crepe satin belong to spring and autumn, then there is no doubt that chiffon belongs to summer, and warm silk brushing belongs to winter... No matter what kind of silk scarf/scarf, you can do it Found in Aurora, in the changing seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter, Aurora only wants you to be as beautiful as a goddess.