How Does a Man Choose a Scarf?

Scarves are no longer exclusive to women. Scarves and scarves are indispensable accessories for men's clothing. Colorful scarves have become one of the more and more important elements in men's fashion.

silk scarves

How to choose scarves for men is also an indispensable ornament for men's clothing.

The body is short and fat, and the loose knitted scarf or silk scarf with simple color, deep color and single tone is used because it has the effect of narrowing the visual effect and plays the role of convergence.

Those with narrow shoulders or shoulder shoulders choose lengthened scarves to hang the ends of the scarves on the shoulders and hang them behind them, which will make the shoulders more generous.

A man with a long neck can choose a thick and long scarf that will not make his neck look so long.

People with dark skin should not choose a light colored scarf, neutral color is better, and a lighter skin should choose a muffled scarf.

A small and thin friend should choose a simple, plain and elegant scarf, but the color should be warm.