How Do You Wear a Silk Scarf Elegantly?

You may or may not have noticed, but one of the trends that has popped up during  the pandemic revolves around the classic silk scarf. Perhaps it is because they are so versatile,The most popular way to wear them right now  is as a top, but there are so many other ways to sport them. I’m excited to share several ways for you to wear the trend this season!

As a top: I usually wear mine as a full top, but don’t forget about it as a bandeau. try shaping around your strapless bra like this!

On your head: I’ve been wearing scarves as a headband for awhile now! With bigger scarves I just tuck the tied pieces back into the scarf, just leaving the knot exposed. You can also wear it as a head covering or face covering. Don’t forget you can tie it around your ponytail too!

women silk scarf

Around your purse: You can use a scarf to cover the handle,  so your natural body oils don’t get on the leather or you can tie it around the end, like I did! It’s a fun little addition to any bag, plus you can change them out seasonally and match any outfit.

As an accessory: I love to tie a scarf  around my belt loop or around my waist, to perk up any outfit. They work well tied around a hat too!