How Do You Wear a Long Silk Scarf Around Your Neck?

Have you ever felt shabby or off balance wearing a silk scarf that is perhaps bit too long, or even oversized? Here is a list of steps that can guide you with different long silk scarf style ideas for any occasion.

Style 1:silk neck scarf style (3 steps)

silk scarves

This silk scarf style creates a fluffy warm knot for fall and winter.

1. Fold your silk scarf in two.

2. Keep folding the silk scarf until you create a band.

3. Tie the silk scarf around your neck with a square knot.

If you'd like, you can forgo a knot and let both ends of the silk scarf hang from your neck.

Style 2: how to wear your silk scarf extra long (2 steps)

silk scarf for women

1. Fold your silk scarf diagonally to create a very long silk scarf.

2. Tie a loose knot in the front of your neck.

This style allows for a lot of creative ways you can play with this fashion. For example, you can shift the knot from the front to the side.

Style 3: wear a shoulder wrap

women silk scarf

1. Fold your silk scarf into a triangle.

2. Wrap it around your shoulder to create a shawl.

3. Secure with a knot.