Can Silk Pajamas Be Machine Washed

Everyone knows that silk fabrics cannot be washed in a washing machine. Many people only know that using a washing machine will damage silk clothes, but they don’t know why. Let’s understand the reasons why silk cannot be washed in a washing machine!

silky pyjamas

Due to the above-mentioned operating principle of the washing machine, the machine washing will cause certain damage to the clothes. The drum-type washing machine is fine, while the pulsator-type washing machine washes the clothes by agitating and rubbing the clothes forward and backward, which will be more harmful to the clothes. Because of the delicate nature of silk clothes, if you use a pulsator washing machine, you can imagine the results. If you use a drum-type washing machine to wash, you should also pay attention to whether there is a function similar to "soft washing", so as to reduce the damage to silk clothes.