Can Silk Fabric Be Machine Washed

Everyone knows that silk fabrics cannot be washed in a washing machine. Many people only know that using a washing machine will damage silk clothes, but they don’t know why. Let’s understand why silk cannot be washed in a washing machine!

Why can't real silk be machine washed

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As for the most frequently used pulsator washing machines and drum washing machines currently on the market, pulsator washing machines are generally driven by a motor through a belt to decelerate to rotate the pulsator, and a computer or timer controls the pulsator to move forward and backward to agitate water, clothes and wash. In the washing tub, under the chemical action of the detergent and the mechanical action of the rotation of the pulsator, the clothes are stirred and rubbed forward and backward to achieve the purpose of decontamination and washing. Therefore, the pulsator type washing machine is characterized by a high washing ratio, but the clothing wear rate is also higher than that of the drum type washing machine. Therefore, it is suitable for washing cotton, linen, chemical fiber and other clothes.

The drum type washing machine is driven by the motor through the decelerating pulley to rotate the drum. When the laundry rises to a high point with the rotation of the drum, the laundry falls. The chemical action of the detergent aqueous solution and the mechanical action of the constant falling and squeezing the laundry achieves the decontamination of the laundry. Purpose of washing. The drum washing machine is characterized by a low wear rate of clothes, but the washing rate is also lower than that of a pulsator washing machine. Therefore, the drum washing machine is suitable for washing high-end cotton, linen, wool and general clothes.

Due to the above-mentioned operating principle of the washing machine, the machine washing will cause certain damage to the clothes. The drum-type washing machine is fine, while the pulsator-type washing machine washes the clothes by agitating and rubbing the clothes forward and backward, which will be more harmful to the clothes. Because of the delicate nature of silk clothes, if you use a pulsator washing machine, you can imagine the results. If you use a drum-type washing machine to clean, you should also pay attention to whether there is a function similar to "soft washing", so as to reduce the damage to silk clothes.

Why can't the silk be machine washed? These few reasons should be clear

Consequences of machine washing silk

Silk clothes generally refer to silk material, which is a kind of porous fiber with good heat preservation, moisture absorption, moisture dissipation and ventilation performance, and it also has a certain protective effect on the skin. Silk clothes generally feel soft, smooth and have excellent elasticity. But at the same time, the silk material is very delicate and requires careful care. Avoid dragging or twisting with gravity in rough places, which will easily cause damage to protein fibers.

Therefore, if the silk clothes are improperly washed, they may wrinkle and snag and cause permanent damage.

Why can't the silk be machine washed? These few reasons should be clear

Points to note when cleaning silk

(1) Use special neutral detergents without fluorescent agents, and avoid using alkaline detergents, soaps, washing powders or other detergents;

(2) The water temperature should be appropriate, and warm water around 25 degrees Celsius is the best. First, completely dissolve the detergent in warm water for later use;

(3) Be sure to do a fading test before washing: Dip a little water on the edge or inconspicuous part of the silk scarf, and then press it with a white towel. If there is fading, avoid washing with water;

(4) The clothes should not be soaked in water for more than 15 minutes. After soaking for a while, gently scrub with your hands;

(5) After rubbing it, rinse it repeatedly in clean water, and remember not to wring it out by hand after washing.

Why can't the silk be machine washed? These few reasons should be clear

How to maintain silk

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(1) Prevent discoloration

Silk clothes should not be placed together with tussah silk clothing, because most of the raw materials of tussah silk clothing have been fumigated with sulfur, which will discolor the silk clothing.

(2) Avoid secondary pollution

Avoid contaminating the silk clothing directly with desiccant, cosmetics, perfume, etc. when storing. If it is accidentally contaminated, clean it in time, otherwise it will turn yellow or black. Insect repellent must be wrapped in cloth, and do not touch clothing directly.

(3) Pay attention to the hygiene of the cabinet

The bins and cabinets for storing clothes should be kept clean and sealed as far as possible to prevent dust pollution.