Are Silk Pillowcases Really Good for the Skin?

Silk pillow towel is a better pillow towel.


Natural silk is a natural protein fiber composed of 18 kinds of amino acids. It is different from cotton and chemical fibers. It has very similar chemical results with human skin. It has good compatibility and has a considerable effect on nourishing and protecting the skin. The use of silk fabric as a pillow towel is very smooth and cool to the touch, will care for the skin, keep the cheeks silky smooth, and keep the hair soft and smooth.


In recent years, through scientific research, people have found that silk fabrics have good health care and disease treatment functions. Real silk belongs to protein fiber. There are 18 kinds of silk fibroin-and there are more than 20 kinds. Amino acids that are beneficial to the human body can help the skin maintain the metabolism of the surface lipid membrane, so it can keep the skin moisturized and smooth. In addition, it has an auxiliary therapeutic effect on certain skin diseases. Medical workers made various fabrics from real silk according to the needs of various parts of the human body, and selected 30 patients with itchy skin for treatment. The results showed that pure silk fabrics can receive better curative effects, without the need for external drugs. . After a bed-ridden patient has a bed sore, if silk cushions and silk underwear are used, and then silk is used to wrap the affected area, it can absorb water and promote its evaporation, which can maintain the affected area and accelerate the healing of the sore.


Therefore, real silk is called the "fiber queen" and has been favored by people throughout the ages with its unique charm.